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Does Training With Heavy Soccer Ball Make A Difference?


According to a survey, more than 265 people actively compete in soccer worldwide each year. It solidifies the position of sport as the most popular sport in the world. But training for soccer is not an easy task and here the question arises, does training with heavy soccer ball make a difference. Well, the answer is yes. Soccer balls are versatile and you can easily use a best heavy soccer ball for training. These balls are designed to be kicked and thrown, you can conveniently conform them according to your needs. The trick is to know how to use them and for this there’s the fitness training program that can be done with heavy soccer balls.

Warm-up Dribbling

Warm-up dribbling is the controlled kicking of the soccer ball in which you move the heavy soccer ball with you from point A to point B. Rather than just kicking it straight from point A to B. The main idea behind this training exercise is to control the movement of the ball by tapping it lightly with the inside of your foot as you jog or walk by keeping the ball slightly in front of the body. So when you reach the heavy soccer ball, you can tap it again, which is done usually by the opposite foot and continue to move forward.

For warm-up dribbling, you frequently require a change in jogging or walking speed because in case you hit the ball too hard or if you kick it to a different angle, you have to speed up to catch it up. It increases your focus and concentration, especially if you are new in the skill. For this training, you have to choose two points that are approximately 20 to 30 yards apart and then dribble the ball for 5 minutes back and forth between these two points. After training and becoming more skilled, try to kick the dribble without looking down at the ball. To get more skilled, you can change your kicking style and experiment with tapping the heavy soccer ball from outside parts of your feet instead of the insides.

Toe Taps

Toe taps are the perfect way to add a few high-intensity intervals in your training session. For this, you simply place the heavy soccer ball in front of your body on the ground with your feet hip distance apart. After that, you start jogging, tapping the top of the soccer ball with the ball of your foot along jogging.

This means when your left foot is on the ground, you will tap the top of the soccer ball with the ball of your right foot and vice versa. Start walking and tapping the ball, then gradually pick up the pace and go as fast as possible. Incorporating dynamic exercises like toe taps can enhance your agility and cardiovascular fitness. For more fitness tips and sports-related insights, you can visit

The point to remember in this training exercise is to keep the taps as light as possible and prevent pushing the ball with your feet so that it doesn’t roll away. It needs focus and concentration to get the trick right and this makes the exercise more challenging. Once you have mastered this exercise, go as fast as you can for 20 seconds and then take rest for the next 10 seconds and repeat. Perform a total of eight rounds.

Overhead Squats

Squats are the exercise which most people think that they are doing correctly but actually they don’t. There are two common mistakes that people do when it comes to squats. One is placing too much weight in the ball of your foot and the second is tipping forward at your hips and leaning the torso towards the ground, rather than keeping the chest upright and forward facing. An easy and effective way to correct these mistakes is by doing squats while holding an object overhead. Many people start holding weights overhead for this in the form of barbells or dumbbells but this form is still incorrect as you are on high risk of getting injured.

For enhancing your strength for soccer, you can warm-up by performing squats while holding a heavy soccer ball overhead. Hold the soccer ball between both hands, arms will be extended above the shoulders parallel to your ears. Place your feet hip-distance apart and keep the toes slightly outward. Balance your weight on the heels so that you can even wiggle your toes. Keeping your weight on the heels, tip your hips backward and look up slightly in the angle that you can see the soccer ball overhead. Continue to sit your hips back by bending knees, lower your butt towards the ground and keep the torso straight and tall. After bending your knees to an angle to which you are comfortable, reverse the movement and return to your standing position. Continue to do this exercise for a few minutes.

Staggered Pushups

A great thing about heavy soccer ball is that it adds instability to traditional exercises and enables you to improve your coordination as well as balance. When you use this ball to perform regular exercises, such as pushups, the ball rolls around and the same stabilizing muscle group has to engage to keep it steady. A staggered pushup on a soccer ball help to engage the stabilizing muscles of the shoulder by requiring greater core activation.

For this kneel on the ground behind the heavy soccer ball and place one hand directly on the top of the ball. Your other hand will be on the ground. Lean forward to the extent that your shoulders are positioned directly above the palms. Now you have to decide whether you have to do the pushups with your knees on the ground or with your legs extended.


With all these exercises with the heavy soccer ball, you can train well for the match by challenging your entire body from head to toe. For a full body workout and strengthening, cycle through these exercises several times or you can also get creative and come up with different ways of using soccer ball for training. It is amazing to know what you can do with a heavy soccer ball to have core strength and improved concentration.

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