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Automobiles are becoming more sophisticated every day. New car buyers are more interested in technological improvements rather than what’s under the hood. Hardcore car enthusiasts who are crazy about what’s under the hood are also steering towards the latest car technologies that provide an enhanced driving experience. Reviews have created a list of some of the newest car technologies that will send your senses tingling. You can learn about the latest auto industry technologies, on this website:

Let’s take a look at them.

The Technologies

  1. Driver Override- You surely have heard about autonomous driving systems, only in this case there is no human element involved. The car actively disregards your commands and does what it’s programmed to do.

For instance, there’s a tech that stops a car if you forget to hit the brakes. However, mechanics are working on developing vehicles that just don’t quit your car but apply the brakes even if you’re foot is on the gas.

  1. Mobile Apps- Car-compatible smartphone apps were inevitable, given the scope of their utility. Some cars allow you to lock and unlock them via an app. Some even go a step further and display tire pressure and fuel gauge, without stepping foot in your car.

Mobile apps have revolutionized how the world works, and the technology seems to fit in nicely with modern automobiles. Nonetheless, some car manufacturers charge a subscription fee for this service. So, double-check the rates before opting for this facility.

  1. Tracking Features- You must surely have heard of BMW’s Connected Driver technology. It is a tracking feature that is bundled within the cars assistance and security system.

Besides keeping track of the vehicle’s exact location, the system also records past crash records and other equally essential diagnostics. So even if your car gets stolen the tracking facilities ensure you get it back in one piece.

  1. Teenage Driver Technology- Handing your car to your teenage son is quite an anxious experience. They might overspeed or forget to wear their seatbelt or crank the volume so high that it drowns out the background noises.

The teen driver technology ensures none of this happens and ensures safety for beginner drivers. It acts as a failsafe, limiting certain features to prevent a fatal accident. For instance, you receive a notification as soon as the car over speeds. You can even proceed to disable the stereo if the seat belts are off and program the vehicle not to start, in case the straps aren’t locked in place.

  1. Cruise Control- This particular feature uses embedded sensors to gauge the distance between you and the cars in front of you. Depending on it, the vehicle may slow down, speed up or even come to a complete halt.

The feature is set for high traffic roads as you don’t have to adjust the car’s speed continuously. You might feel a bit uneasy as you’re handing some control over to your vehicle, but you’ll grow to like it once after using the feature a few times.


It is exciting to look at how the automobile industry has developed in the past years. Hopefully, this brief insight provided by Reviews has piqued your interest in the latest technological feats achieved by the car-making industry. You can learn about innovative vehicle designs, on this website:

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