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Here’s What to Expect in Drug Rehab


If you’ve made the plunge to enter drug rehab, then it’s natural to be worried about what’s in store for you. You want to know what to expect, and you want to make sure it’s the right place for your unique situation. Here’s a rundown of the common questions people has about entering rehab. You can learn about the disadvantages of alcohol addiction, on this website:

1: What should you bring?

You can’t bring in any outside substances, so you’ll need to leave them at home. In addition, all phones and electronics are usually removed upon entry. That means that you will be cut off from the outside world for the duration of your stay (which is typically 30-90 days). Some people find this difficult, but it’s a vital part of your recovery process.

2: What can you expect while detoxing?

Detox is the first phase of rehabilitation and while some facilities offer medication assistance (which is often recommended), many do not. Therefore, you will be going through withdrawal symptoms for up to a week or until your body has purged itself of the substance. These may include anything from nausea, vomiting, and headaches to seizures and worse. It’s important that you maintain a positive attitude, because if you do, then chances are you’ll make it through detox just fine. Keep in mind, too, that these symptoms will eventually subside. For more common questions about medical Detox visit the website

3: How long does rehab typically last?

Depending upon your needs and the severity of your addiction, you could be in rehab anywhere from 30-90 days. Once again, facilities differ in their policies and procedures – so make sure you know what to expect before entering a facility.

4: What will you do all day?

A typical day in drug rehab begins with breakfast (which is your first meal of the day). From there, you will often have daily therapy sessions which typically last 2 hours each. It’s during this time that you’ll be given lectures and education on addiction, as well as other life skills. Afterward, you will receive some free time so you can relax or work on homework if assigned any. Finally, most facilities provide dinner, and then you’re free to do whatever you want until the lights go out.

5: Will you get along with fellow addicts?

One important thing to know is that everyone in rehab is simply there because they want to be – nobody is forced to attend. That means that everyone has the same goal and will do anything to better themselves. You will naturally gravitate towards like-minded people, and by the end, you’ll often be friends.

6: How often can you expect to see your loved ones?

This is an important topic because it affects how long you’ll be in rehab (30-90 days). Some facilities allow visits on a daily basis, while others only every few days. The average is about once a week – but the frequency depends upon a number of factors, including the drug used and how your loved ones can help you outside of visits.

7: How do you pay for your treatment?

Treatment isn’t cheap – but there are many different options available to you. Many facilities accept private insurance, and there are also government-sponsored rehab services (just make sure your plan covers it). You can also submit an application for a treatment scholarship in some cases. Finally, some people find ways to raise money by selling personal items or taking out loans. Ultimately, visiting a rehab center like Infinite Recovery ( could transform your life for the better, and you’ll be glad you made the decision.

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