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How To Sanitize Your Car During The Coronavirus Pandemic?


The Coronavirus pandemic has shut us in our homes to break the chain. It is of utmost importance now to stay at home and take care to sanitize your hands and belongings to maintain safety. In case you need to use the car for some emergency, it is essential that you must sanitize the vehicle thoroughly to combat the virus. You can learn about the safety measures you should take before driving a vehicle, on this website:

Why do you need to sanitize the car?

You need to disinfect those surfaces that are touched very often, such as the purse, the phone, spectacles, doorknobs and handles, and your car when you go out. Taking such preventive measures is as essential as maintaining isolation and social distancing.

How to sanitize the car?

It is not enough to clean your car from outside. You must clean the car from inside too to ensure any deposited germ is cleaned from the spaces where you would sit and touch.

  • Vacuum the cabin to get rid of the dust deposited there.
  • Clean the surface of the seats, the spaces under the seats, the bottle holder sections, the door handles and also the gaps in between the seats inside the car.
  • In case you have leather seats, you can wipe with cream-based disinfectant solutions. Vacuum clean the fabric seats to get rid of trapped particles and then wash with a soap or detergent solution.
  • Also remember to clean the knobs, buttons, locks as well as the steering wheel. These are the places you touch the most.
  • You must also disinfect the AC unit without fail. Clean the vents and the cabin filter using a brush or an air-compressor. Lastly, wipe the blades of the condenser fan inside the air conditioner.

What should you use to clean the car?

People may tell you that bleach and hydrogen peroxide are the best fighters against the virus. These are available at general stores. You can spray them on the surface of the car and wipe it off to disinfect. It is generally considered safe to be used on metals. But hydrogen peroxide may disintegrate the insides of your vehicle and lead to discolouration. The upholstery of the car will be left permanently corroded by the harsh chemicals. It is better to use alcohol solutions to clean the car.

You can purchase the best detergents and alcohol solutions to sanitize the car by using the Automotive Superstore promo code online. These are not only effective against the coronavirus but are also safe for the car. Alternatively, you can also use soap and water solution or mild detergent solution to clean the leather and fabrics inside the car. It can also be used for the screens as ammonia-based cleaners are harmful. Another option is to use any solution of water mixed with a cap full of disinfectant cleaner. Dealvouhcerz can get you good discounts on all the necessary items you need to battle with the virus. You can learn about the certified method of sanitizing your belongings, on this website:

Stay home, stay safe, and always prioritize your hygiene.

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