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Matthew Davies Shares Reasons Why You Should Learn to Play the Guitar



Learning how to play an instrument is an amazing experience. The first few lessons appear exciting enough, but you will eventually hit a wall (unless you’re talented), and once you overcome that wall, you will experience a world of beauty, privy only to those who play music with their soul. Meet Matthew Davies as he explains why you should learn music and why a guitar is a great tool for the task.

The guitar is one of the most commonly sought-after instruments for both beginner and veteran musicians. The tunes you flesh out with a guitar has the power to connect with the minds and souls of those who hear it. There are practical benefits to learning to play a stringed instrument but make it a priority to connect with the music rather using it for some purposes.

You may have a different reason for wanting to learn how to play guitar. No matter what it is, recognize it and stick to it as it will fuel your passion.

Learn it to better socialize with more people. You might want to become a musician when you grow up. You might enjoy playing it as a hobby or you play it to express thoughts you can’t explain with words.

Talking Points

What I am discussing are just a few points, you may or may not agree to. Just know that learning the guitar is not exclusive to only these reasons. There is an entire world of possibilities you can discover on your own.

  1. Socializing- The ability to play an instrument might help you socialize with your peers with ease. Playing in small concerts, social gatherings, small occasions can earn you a good reputation and make people like you, especially if you’re good with it. It also helps in the long run, if you intend to become a musician, as the added encouragement from your loved ones goes a long way to help you achieve your dreams.
  2. Musician- Even those that can’t play any instrument dream of playing one at some point in their life. The guitar is comparatively easy to pick up and can be gotten used to with a decent amount of practice. Learning the guitar also teaches you a lot about music theory and how music works general. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can seamlessly transition to other instruments or stick to it and learn more about it.
  3. Express yourself- For something that can’t speak, music expresses and conveys quite a lot whenever we hear something. The feeling you get when you hear a musical instrument is something you can’t explain. Music can help you express your rage, happiness, gloominess, sadness, or any other emotion you might have in that mind of yours.


The feeling of experiencing the constant vibrations every time you strum a string is mesmerizing and can take you on a journey of self-discovery. It can even help you to experience a musical epiphany you’ve never experienced before. In the words of Matthew Davies, “Music has great sensitivity to it, which you can achieve once you’ve put the whole of your mind to it. Playing the guitar is an effective way of simultaneously discovering and experiencing the said sensitivity.”

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