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The COVID 19 Pandemic: Myths vs. the Truth


The coronavirus has already spread in different parts of the world. The deadly nature of the disease has caused panic among people. As a result, people spread a lot of information regarding COVID-19. It can be challenging to differentiate what is true from what is wrong. To avoid spreading false information every person ought to differentiate the truth and the myths about the pandemic and hold off on sharing articles from sources that are not legitimate or credible. As a result, they would be in a better position to protect themselves and those in their networks.

While many of us are scared or stressed about COVID-19, we are also feeling isolated due to staying home and avoiding social interaction. While we must do what we need to in order to abide by our state’s protocol, it’s important that we all try to maintain relationships during isolation as best we can to hold onto a little bit of normalcy.

A few months after the disease had spread in different parts of the world, many people were convinced that it only kills the elderly. As a result, the young might have used this information, making them vulnerable to the disease. They also played a role in increasing the rate at which the disease was spreading. So far, COVID-19 has killed people of all age groups. Unfortunately, some people are still misinformed into believing that the disease kills the elderly. People need to be educated that the disease can kill any person. Therefore, people need to take care of themselves to avoid getting infected. The more the number of youths who get infected, the higher the infection rate will be. This means that it is not about who dies but the number of lives that a person puts at risk by ignoring the COVID-19 prevention measures.

Scientists are in the process of testing coronavirus vaccines that could help eradicate the disease. However, people from different parts of the world claim to have medication that cures the disease. An example is a case where Madagascar claimed to have an herbal concoction that cured coronavirus. Months later, the country is still fighting the pandemic and has experienced a huge number of deaths. This is an indication that their medication was not effective. People ought to avoid this kind of misleading information since it makes them vulnerable to getting the disease. An individual would not take safety measures to avoid getting the coronavirus, yet they know of an alleged cure. The COVID-19 alleged cures do not work, and people should protect themselves until they have been vaccinated. The medication being used currently is made to manage COVID 19 symptoms and to cure the disease. People have lost their lives, yet they have been on medication to manage the symptoms. Hence, the only sure way to eradicate the disease is through vaccination.

The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is expected to be distributed in the UK in the coming few weeks. Margret Keenan, a 90-year-old woman, was the first to receive the vaccine tested and proven to cure the virus. Scientists worldwide are also working on other vaccines in their trial stages to help fight the pandemic. The UK has become the first country in the first country in the world to distribute a reliable Coronavirus vaccine. Therefore, people should be careful about other medications that are believed to cure the virus yet have not been tested by scientists.

People have been treating coronavirus myths as truths, and this has increased the number of new infections. The world is battling to reduce the number of new infections as much as possible. Therefore, every person ought to take personal responsibility for protecting other people. If a person deliberately exposes themselves to the virus, they are not only risking their lives but those of the people close to them. The Centers for Disease Control has suggested various measures that ought to be followed to reduce the number of infections. If people fail to follow these guidelines, it will be difficult to control the disease. You can learn about the best way to fight with Corona Virus, on this website:

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