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The Tax Solutions in the Long Term Small Business


You can also opt for a flat-rate plan if your turnover does not exceed 750,000 euros and you are in a profession that emits few bills (butcher, baker, master fryer, hairdresser, etc.). It is up to you to consider, with your accountant if necessary, whether this option is suitable for you. You can learn about the taxation rules for a small to medium-sized business organization, on this website:

Don’t leave so quickly: it’s not just the declaration to hand in:

There is also the annual list of subject customers

On March 31 of each year, you must submit a list of all your customers subject to VAT via the essential Tax consultant.

And the intra-community statement That is to say the list of all the operations that your company has carried out with companies having a VAT number in another state of the European Union. This statement is quarterly if your VAT returns are and monthly if your VAT returns are monthly. You must resubmit it through Tax consultant. You can find your way with this tutorial always. Using the self employment tax calculator is important there.

If you are subject to VAT, you must submit a VAT return, monthly or quarterly. We explain here what it is and, above all, how to do it at a lower cost and effort.

  • This closing of the first quarter of 2020 is special for the self-employed. With Accountable, you can submit your VAT to Tax consultant in less than five minutes, without leaving your home: you upload your documents via our web dropzone, our app automatically calculates your exact VAT total and generates your VAT declaration.
  • If you are subject to and subject to the exemption from tax, however, you have other obligations than the VAT declaration to complete, together with the self-employed persons subject to VAT. These are the intra-community statement (quarterly or monthly) and the customer listing (annual). Here too, we shed light on these different obligations and how we help you meet them!

Make your VAT declaration yourself?

It’s possible. We explain here how to declare your VAT and, above all, how to do it cheaply and effortlessly, in complete safety.

Indeed, a filling error in the VAT returns, but also the fact of not submitting (correctly) its customer listing or the statement of intra-community transactions, lead to fines. The SPF Finances will enlighten you on this subject here.

There is no reason to be in one of these fine situations

In fact, the principle of the VAT balance is intuitive: the VAT balance is the total of what you pay on your sales – the total of what you get back on your purchases. The VAT return simply explains this calculation. Here is an example, published by the SPF Finances.


This balance that you pay as a self-employed person, like all businesses, is an important source of income for the State: it therefore sets strict deadlines, monthly or quarterly, for VAT returns. Again, you can consult the FPS finances calendar, both for the submission of declarations and for payments, on its website.

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