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The Ultimate Heated Towel Rail Buying Guide


Nothing is more comforting than the warm embrace of your towel after a bath or shower, especially in the chilly winter months. Heated towel rails are now a staple of the modern home but with so many to choose from, it can be overwhelming to pick the best one. You can learn about various accessories and appliances for your home, on this website:

These buying tips will show the difference between an ordinary heated towel rail and a great one for your home. Whether you want a showstopper or something more understated, there is a perfect heated towel rail for your home.

Central heating or dual fuel?

The first step when buying a heated towel rail is deciding whether you are going to connect it to the central heating system only or also use an electric heating element. The main difference is that central heated rails work only when central heating is on. In the warmer months, you have to close all radiator valves except the heated towel rail to use it efficiently.

To fix this, you can buy dual fuel heated towel rails which allow you to warm the towels in the summer using electric. Using Trade Radiators you can easily adapt most rails into a dual fuel system. This ensures your towels stay warm all year round without any hassle.


Heated towel rails are commonly installed in the bathroom, to warm both the towels and the room. Ideally you want to mount the towel rail on the coldest wall of your bathroom but in well-insulated homes this is less important.

However, heated towel rails are not just for bathrooms. You may want to upgrade your kitchen or utility room with a small one to add some extra functionality and flair to your home.

Size and heat

Is it for a family bathroom, or an ensuite? Will you need to dry multiple towels? These important questions help find the right size as a family bathroom would need a larger towel rail than an ensuite. The amount of towels and size of the room is important when considering whether to get a small or large rail and its heat output. A larger towel rail may also crowd a smaller bathroom and limit storage space, so finding the appropriate size is crucial.

Colour and style

The colour and finish depends upon the decor of the room you are installing the towel rail in. Classic finishes such as chrome and stainless steel suit most bathrooms, matching the other bathroom fixtures to provide a timeless look.

However, you are free to play around with the brass tones of copper, matte blacks or anthracite to make your heated towel rail a stylish part of the home. Opting for a more unique design and finish can transform your room.

Invest in your home

With so much choice, buying a heated towel rail that suits your preferences and budget has never been so easy. Following these tips will help you narrow down the huge variety available and make the best decision for you and your home.

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