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Top tips to become a pro at using eyeshadow


A great makeup makes a big difference in a look or appearance. No matter how many fancy accessories you wear or how great your outfit looks, without a great eye makeup they would feel incomplete. Of course, it is not a necessity to always spend hours at perfecting that wing of your eyeshadow. But with practice and experience, you can learn how to balance and play around with different looks with the help of your very own nicka k nine color eyeshadow palette. With an array of options available, eyeshadow can make look become a style statement. To help you on your journey to become a pro at using that eye shadow palette. You can learn about different make-up skills you need to know, on this website:

Here are the top tips you would definitely want to know:

Always use primer first!

This is so important yet so many people tend to miss this point and ruin their hours of hard work. The reason behind a primer-before-eye shadow is that it can help the colour of the eye shadow stay all day long without getting messed up and also make it stand out more! They prepare your eyelid for the makeup like a canvas is made ready for the art. Use a good quality primer first before you begin using the eye shadow.

Use good quality eyeshadow palette

Good quality eye shadow palette like Milani most wanted palette might seem to be pricey in the first glance, but there is a reason for it. Unlike regular cheap eyeshadow palette, high-end eyeshadow palettes don’t become flaky and dried after a couple of hours. They are healthier for your skin and are easy to blend into your skin.

Know your eyes’ shape

It is very important to know what eye shape you have in order to decide what eyeshadow style would suit you. For example, round eyes need more outward bending styles than compact styles. The right combination of eyeshadow styles and eye shapes can result into a beautiful style marvel. Look at yourself carefully to find out the shape of your eyes.

Complement you eye colour

This one is a classic tip! You should always use the shade of eye shadow that compliments the natural colour of your eyes. Not only would it make the colour pop but also create a more synchronised and aesthetic appeal to it. But don’t go overboard and add too many colours to match the shade. Be subtle yet clear about the combination you should choose.

Use the right tool

When the fashionistas do it, it seems so easy but when it’s us it seems impossible to get the eye shadow right. Why is it so? The answer is actually quite simple- Right tools! No matter how much skill or passion you have with the wrong brush, blending, applying and almost everything would be way too difficult. You would more time correcting the mistakes it would make rather than actually working on the makeup.

Thus, with the right tools and products even you can become a pro at using eyeshadow palettes in no time. Be in yourself and explore!

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