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Treatments And Diagnosis For Various Forms Of Skin Cancer


Skin cancer affects several people in Australia every year. Many of them are affected by non-melanoma skin cancers which are likely to impact an area and not spread elsewhere. They are usually treated by minor surgeries or topical treatment. Melanoma is one of the most fatal kinds of skin cancer death spread through the bloodstream to other organs. It is necessary to check the problem with the help of experts to treat it efficiently. One should refer to pathologists and oncologists if one wants to treat skin cancer effectively. You can learn about the skin-related problems that anyone can face, on this website:

Here’s how you can check if you have skin cancer:

  • Let a specialist examine your skin to determine if the skin affliction is skin cancer.
  • You could be called for further testing to confirm that diagnosis.
  • Remove a sample of suspicious skin to get tests done through a skin biopsy.
  • A biopsy can determine about the skin cancer type too

Determining skin cancer and its impact

If your doctor is positive about skin cancer, you may have additional tests to determine the extent (stage) of skin cancer. Some superficial skin cancers like the basal cell carcinoma do not spread usually, it requires a biopsy to eliminate the entire growth. In the case of squamous cell carcinoma, Merkel cell carcinoma or melanoma, your doctor may recommend further tests to determine the extent of cancer.

Additional imaging tests could be required to examine lymph nodes for cancerous growth signs. You might require a procedure to remove the lymph node for the test too. Doctors use Roman numerals to indicate the stage of skin cancer affecting people. Stage IV, for example, indicates advanced cancer that has already spread throughout the body. Treatment options change for every stage.

Treatment options for Skin Cancer 

Precancerous skin lesions called actinic keratoses vary mostly owing to their size, depth and location. Small skin cancers may not require treatment other than a biopsy. Visit website to know the place to get effective treatment options for skin cancer. Additional treatment options may include:

  • Freezing: Doctors destroy actinic keratoses by freezing them with liquid nitrogen known as cryosurgery.
  • Excisional surgery: They are good for treating all kinds of skin cancer wherein the doctor cuts out cancerous tissue along with some surrounding healthy skin. Wide excision is recommended in some cases.
  • Mohs surgery: This procedure is used to treat most difficult skin cancers including basal and squamous cell carcinomas. Also, the skin is conserved as much as necessary in this treatment. During the surgery, the doctor eliminates skin growth layer by layer after examination of abnormal cells. All cancerous cells are removed without the removal of surrounding healthy skin.
  • Curettage and electrodesiccation: In this treatment, the doctor scrapes away layers of cancerous cells using a device called curet that has a circular blade. An electric needle is used to destroy all the remaining cancer cells. Sometimes liquid nitrogen is used for the freezing of base and edges of the afflicted area.
  • Radiation therapy. Radiation therapy utilizes energy beams such as X-rays, which are high powered enough to kill cancer cells. This therapy is popularly used whenever cancer is not removed during surgery completely.
  • Chemotherapy: In chemotherapy, cancer cells are eliminated through drugs. If you are suffering from cancers limited to only the skin’s top layer, doctors recommend creams or lotions that consist of anti-cancer agents to be applied to the skin. Systemic chemotherapy treats skin cancers that have already affected the other parts of the body.
  • Photodynamic therapy: This treatment eliminates skin cancer cells using laser light and drugs
  • Biological therapy: This therapy enhances the body’s immune system to eliminate cancer cells right from their origin. You can learn about the natural remedies and treatment methods of skin related problems, on this website:
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