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Why most of the people giving the first preference to Male Rhinoplasty surgery?


Nose Job or Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure to fix a deformed shape by reshaping it as per your facial features and expectations according to your ideal beauty standards. Sometimes it’s done to correct medical issues as well. For example some people may have a nose deformity due to birth defects and have difficulty in breathing thus leading to low stamina, reduced athletic performance and early onset of fatigue.

Nose defects can also lead to problems like sinus, sleep apnea, nose bleeding, swelling, and frequent pains. In some cases, it can affect your eyesight and taste buds too.

Fortunately, all these problems can be cured through nose reshaping surgery.

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People opt for rhinoplasty for plethora of nose related problems like:-

  • Wide or Bulbous Nose Tip:- People often complain that tip of their nose is exceptionally wide and it covers and hides most of their facial features. The surgeon can correct a wide nose tip by reshaping it through surgery.
  • Narrow and Pointy Nose Tip:- Sometimes quite the contrary, the nose tip can be too narrow or pointy which can be fixed by skin grafts to give it an ideal shape and symmetry.
  • Humps on Nose Bridge:- Nose bridge can have humps or bumps thus making it look uneven and crooked.
  • Droopy Nose Tip:- The nose tip can be drooping downwards like a witch. This can happen due to ageing or birth defect.
  • Bend or Crooked Nose Bridge: – The Nose bridge can be bent sideways thus giving it an ugly appearance also called Crooked Nose.
  • Wide Nose Bridge:- Sometimes the nose bridge can be exceptionally wide, this can be fixed by surgery and bone reshaping.
  • Nose too narrow:- Sometimes the nose can be too narrow, thus looking too tiny and obscure. It can be fixed by nose filling or skin grafting.
  • Tissue growth inside nose:- Sometimes excess skin, cyst or tissue growth can occur inside the nose thus causing breathing and sinus difficulties.
  • Excessive growth or bend septum:- Septum is the wall made of cartilage which partitions the nostrils, if it is bend or has excessive skin it can cause breathing problems and blockage in nasal passageways.

Both males and females have different requirements and goals regarding aesthetic appearance of their nose. Men like straight, masculine and prominent nose with a nose tip falling down at 90 degrees over the lower lip. On the other hand women may like a petite, thin and straight nose with nose tip bending a little upward from upper lip.

Placing a feminine nose on a masculine face will disturb symmetry.

The male nose is more proportioned, strong and prominent compared to females.

The surgeon will analyze your facial structure and work to achieve balance and harmony with the rest of your facial features. With 3d Imaging software the surgeon can show you the outcome before even performing the surgery and also let you choose from some of the estimated outcomes through a 3d photo thus helping you make a confident decision on your male rhinoplasty. You can learn about various types of facial surgeries, on this website:

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