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10 chic slides and dress combo you should go for this summer!


You have got a nice collection of slides but don’t know how to style them? Why make your outings uneasy with high heels when you can dress to kill with the slides? Let no odd styling mess up with your hangouts. You can learn about different dressing ideas that you can try, on this website:

Here are our top 10 chic slides and dress combo you can try this summer!

  1. Floral dress + slides + necklace:

A floral dress always stays in fashion. The comfort of this summer wear is perfect for letting the body breathe the wind. Match it with pink slides to bring out the attitude. You can go for an alphabet necklace to glamorize the look. Bingo! What a refreshing and fabulous combo you just created!

  1. Ruffled dress + chain belt + slides:

Do you love comfort and style combined? A ruffled dress will surely go with your taste and satiate your inner fashion spirit. Thanks to our summer best friend – the slides that go with the dress so very well. You can wear them with a chain belt and be ready to strike a pose!

  1. Fancy top + denim cutoffs + slides:

Woah! Imagine the vibe created by this combination. Rock any summer party with the tip dye top and denim cutoffs. Create your fashion with the colourful slides that make it even more lavish and exuberant, making it the chicest of styles you can go for this season.

  1. Oversized colourful shirt + contrast skirt + thong sandals:

Be the style of your own with a perfect combination of oversized colourful shirt and below-knee skirt. The thong sandals add to the magic and make it a comfortable looking good fashion. Don’t forget an exact plastic belt to complete the look!

  1.  Checkered top + sandals+ wrap overskirt:

This one is our favourite idea from the list. A style and aura a checkered crop top adds to your personality and makes you look sassy and vibrant. The wrap-over skirt is a perfect fit. The look is completed with a fancy thong sandal. Hello, summers! We are ready.

  1.   Silk midi dress + light-colored sandals + leather bag:

Hey, all midi dress lovers, where are you at? The silk mini dress goes so very well with your personality, giving you a serene look. The smooth texture adds effortlessly to the outfit’s mood, and the pink sandals do a great job to match the look. We have got our outfit. Have you?

  1.  Slip dress + lace-up sandals:

Who on earth doesn’t love lace-up sandals? Thinking of what to pair it up with? Please take out your slip dress from the cupboard and rock it with the slides. The vibe of the look is so complete and elegant that you get to style in the comfort of your own.

  1.  Khaki frock + rope slides:

This one is something you can’t skip. The timeless khaki frock gives your personality a sophisticated aura. A rope sandal produces bold and lush style. This combo creates fantabulous chic summer wear.

  1. Tank top + linen pants + slides:

Knit tanks display a chic and soft look for this time of the year. Linen pants make it much more fashionable. Pair it up with a net bag, and the combo is just perfect for the next hangout with friends.

  1. Mom shorts + slides + Knit hat:

Dress up with the cool mom shorts!  A white shirt goes flawlessly with the shorts. Make the combo even more exciting with your favorite slides. And finally, a knit hat completes the look.  The combination of every element makes it the chicest dress code in itself. You can learn about the best way to choose a perfect dress, on this website:

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