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Baby Shower Gifts Every Mom-To-Be Will Cherish


It’s really easy to pick out a baby shower gift if your mom-to-be registered for certain items. But, if she didn’t, wow, you’re in for a world of cute gift choices that can leave you overwhelmed and confused. However, you came to the right place—here are a few most practical baby shower gifts every future mom will adore.

Baby journal

Having a baby is one of the most fulfilling moments in every person’s life, so make sure to give your future mom a way to note all her sweetest memories from this blessed time. A pregnancy and baby journal allows parents to write about pregnancy and the baby’s first year of life. She can write down all the tips, medical things, happy memories, milestones and everything else concerning the baby. No matter if that’s her first or fifth child, a baby journal is a great gift every mom with love.

Non-contact thermometer

A good non-contact thermometer is the only thermometer your mom-to-be will ever need. It can take the temperature of her little baby via forehead or ear which means it’s really practical. When your baby just fell asleep, you don’t have to worry you’ll wake them up in order to take their temp. It might not be the cutes gift, but it will be the most cherished one, especially in those emergency situations.

On-the-go changing mat

Most diaper bags today come with a changing mat, but you never know. In case your mother-to-be is a busy bee always on the go, make sure to gift her a practical changing mat that can easily fit in the diaper bag or stroller and will definitely come in handy during those frequent poopy accidents.

Cute baby clothing

Babies grow like crazy and they dirty their clothing even faster, so a new mother can never have enough onesies, rompers and tees. So, if you run into an affordable baby clothes sale, make sure to grab as many items as you can. If you find a high-quality supplier, your gift will last a long time and even come in handy once your mom-to-be decides to have another kid!

Cute baby clothing

Door signs

You probably know just how hard it can be to put your baby to sleep. Now imagine someone ringing the doorbell as soon as your baby closes their eyes—it’s really nerve-wracking. Well, with your cute door sign or doormat that says things like “Shhhhhh, baby is sleeping” or “Don’t ring the doorbell, baby in the house”. These are very cute, practical and so REAL that every parent will love them.

Mommy survival kit

Most gifts people bring will be for the baby, but don’t forget the real hero here—the mother! Make sure to surprise her with a small yet thoughtful and funny mommy survival kit perfect for her hospital days and the first we weeks of living with her little bundle of joy. Grab a basket or a big jar and fill it with things like chocolate, mints, stain removal pens, wet wipes, under-eye concealers, coffee gift cards and other things you find useful and a little funny. It’s a great gift to get a few laughs but it will also be super useful once the baby comes.

Skincare products

Another gift perfect for new moms is skincare bundles. Once women give birth our skin suffers a lot, so make sure to get your mom-to-be a nice skin recovery kit. She probably won’t think about her beauty too much after the baby comes, that’s why she has you. Grab a few thinks like Argan Oil butter for rubbing on the belly, a good organic moisturizer, organic lip balm and deep conditioning hair mask and your future mom will be so grateful. These products will not only help fight stretch marks but also conceal all those sleepless nights and exhausting days.

These gifts will not only be super cute and fun to unwrap, but they will also be lifesaving once the baby comes. So, pick out something your new mom will love the most and get ready to surprise her on her baby shower.

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