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3 Quick Ways to Verify Images Online


Why Do You Need to Verify Any Image?

Verification of the images is essential when you need to identify the source of captured photographs, WhatsApp images, various screenshots and even pictures used in memes. The process is known as a reverse image search. This procedure allows you to search for images via image for its verification. This procedure assists you in identifying its real source and different websites on which the image is present.

Different Ways to Verify Images Online:

There are numerous tools for a reverse image search for its identification. Some tools are free of cost, and for some tools, you have to spend money. These photo lookup tools are specialized in delivering accurate results. Image search takes place through the most famous and main search engines such as Google, Yandex, and Bing.

Verify Image with DupliChecker:

  1. DupliChecker provides you with the opportunity of reverse photo lookup It operates on a very simple procedure and frees to use for everyone. For using this tool, you just have to paste the image and click the search button. As a result, you will get the source of that image. This tool will give you its copyright information and you get to know the real owner of the image as well.
  2. You do not need to download this tool. It is available online and absolutely free of cost, no matter how many times you use it.
  3. Along with image verification, this image search engine will provide you with a list of similar images and detailed information about the content of the image.

Verify Image with TinEye

  1. For image identification, this is one of the best tools. Via this tool, you can find other websites where the same, or pictures with similar visual content has been published.
  2. Just download the picture you want to verify. Copy the web address of the photo and generate a search procedure. You can initiate a search using an image only as well.
  3. The tool will find outsource, author, similar images and details about the content of the image.
  4. You can search image by keyword as well.

 Verify Image with Searchenginereports.Net

  1. This reverse image search tool serves various purposes along with image identification. You can search the image by using similar images.
  2. Just select the image from your device or generate a search via URL. Click the search button to have results. Detailed and related information will be in front of you within seconds.
  3. This tool by functions online. All the objects and places in the picture can be identified via this tool. Moreover, the names of various objects, source of the image, related visually similar photos as well as a history of the objects can be recognized for picture identification. All the resulted picture will be in high quality and many different sizes.
  4. This tool is capable of making backlinks. If someone is using your image without giving you credits you can search, ask them to mention your name and link back to your page so that people identify the real source of the picture.

Information to Verify an Image Via Searchenginereports.Net:

  1. For image identification, you need to know that When was the picture first used in history?
  2. net provides you with information about the context in the image.
  3. net provides you with detailed information about the people present in the image.
  4. You can look for road signs, shopfronts, and billboards as well for image identification.

Safe and Secure:

Your safety is guaranteed. To make sure that your data is safe with these tools, they have the automatic characteristic to destroy material immediately. They do not save it in their database. You can use this tool without worrying about privacy.


Whenever you receive a photo on WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter which makes you angry, sad or pleased and you become curious about it. Be careful. Do not spread it without its verification. There are numerous tools which are specialized in generating the reverse image search procedure, which assists in image verification. They provide you with the opportunity to search image via different means effortlessly within seconds.

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