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Brain aneurysm embolization


Brain aneurysms are one of the main causes of intracranial hemorrhages. When the aneurysm ruptures, life-threatening complications often develop. Therefore, early treatment is essential. Brain aneurysm embolization is one of the most efficient and safe operations in the world used for the treatment of cerebral aneurysms.

Main methods of treatment for brain aneurysms

The main methods aneurysms are treated with are open neurosurgical operations and endovascular embolization.

It should be noted that in modern healthcare institutions there is a gradual shift from open surgeries to endovascular operations because the latter ones are more sparing, do not require trepanation and general anesthesia, and are connected with a shorter hospital stay. Also, some aneurysms can only be treated with endovascular methods, as their localization makes them difficult to access during open surgery.

The most important advantage of endovascular embolization is the ability to treat aneurysms, localization, or size of which complicates or even simply excludes, open surgical intervention. It is also indicated for patients in the acute period of hemorrhage, those who are unable to tolerate open surgery.

The aim of brain aneurysm embolization

During the brain aneurysm embolization procedure, the task of surgeons is to cut off the pathological area from the systemic blood circulation.

To do this, during the procedure doctors insert platinum coils into the cavity of an aneurysm through a puncture in the femoral artery. This creates the necessary conditions for the subsequent thrombosis of the dangerous area. The blood no longer creates critical pressure inside the brain aneurysm, and the risk of rupture disappears.

However, in some aneurysms treated with embolization, the displacement of the coils is possible, so doctors often install a special stent additionally.

How brain aneurysm embolization is performed?

First, a small incision is made in the groin area and a catheter is inserted into the femoral artery. The path of a catheter is monitored with the help of an X-ray examination. The catheter is moved to the aneurysm and coils are inserted inside it, which subsequently block the access of blood to the aneurysm. After the completion of the procedure, the catheter is removed. After some time, the aneurysm disappears, and the patient no longer has the risk of aneurysm rupture.

On average, brain aneurysm embolization lasts about 40 minutes. In some complicated cases, the procedure can last for several hours.

Today, brain aneurysm embolization is considered a guarantee that in the future the patient will not experience cerebral hemorrhage. Nevertheless, doctors recommend such patients undergo diagnostic examinations on time to avoid complications in the future.

Arrangement of brain aneurysm embolization abroad during COVID-19 lockdown

Almost all countries with advanced healthcare systems have limited the entrance of foreigners, including those who are traveling due to health reasons, right now. Thus, planning treatment abroad is more complicated these days.

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