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Few Perfect Food Pairings with Lavazza® Coffee for a Sublime Feel


As far as we remember, coffee was always prepared in bulk in the traditional drip maker. But the method has become quite antiquated today. Today, most crave espresso coffee. You can buy Lavazza® capsules today that are available in a host of flavors to give a rich bust of aroma, flavor and of course joy! The satiation feeling takes on a new dimension when these cups of rich aromatic coffee are paired with some lip-smacking and delicious food. Be it Christmas time or pure coffee time after dinner or even your breakfast, these quirky combinations are bound to leave you absolutely addicted. You can learn about the advantages of taking coffee on daily basis, on this website:

Most of us love to kickstart our day with a cappuccino. Try starting it with a Lavazza® citrus-infused cappuccino, which can be enriched to a full-bodied and sinfully delicious with Qualita Rossa espresso blend. Complementing it with a delectable, flaky cornetto will leave your taste buds panting for more. Cornetto is an Italian croissant whose light sweetness and fruitiness is the best partner to your coffee that you can find.

  • Cherry cold brew with prosciutto and melon

For the midday hunger rolls, nothing works better than a mix of something sweet and something savory. Lavazza® cherry cold brew is a refreshing mix of coffee, lemonade, and cherry and if it is prepared with Kilimanjaro blend, you get its crispy and fruity notes with a cherry-like aroma. The punch is just right if accompanied by a very famous Italian combo-the salty prosciutto and juicy cantaloupe.

  • Intenso blend coffee and taralli

A hot caffeinated beverage and a crunchy snack is a sublime follow-through after lunch to satiate post-lunch hunger pangs and take away the afternoon lethargy. The Lavazza® bold Intenso blend is a perfect balance of both smoky and caramelized flavors and tastes sublime with some Italian taralli. You can choose between its sweet and savory varieties. Both taste a bomb with this blend of coffee. The coffee is also a great accompaniment with the rich Christmas cake during the festive season. The cake is often a rich mix of dried fruits, spices and brandy. Its sweet taste gives a good balance to the bitter smoky taste of the coffee. The contrasting flavors are bound to give you a real kick! Remember to buy Lavazza® capsules for the best taste.

  • Vanilla iced latte and focaccia

Who doesn’t love an iced latte? If made with full-bodied Crema E Gusto with the sweetness of vanilla syrup, you will moan of tasting the best coffee on earth! Combine this chilled, delicious drink with crisp focaccia with your choice of toppings and you will be vouching of easting the best lunch or dinner of your life! It’s a combination that will always appeal to you for satiating the growls of your stomach.

  • Hazelnut espresso and gelato

Gelato has become such a popular frozen delight that it is readily available today in almost every nook and corner around the world. Pair it with a creamy hazelnut espresso and you can get a kick anytime you feel like getting one. The word ‘slump’ would hardly ever be in your dictionary every time you treat yourself to this sublime combo.

  • Cinnamon ginger coffee with fruit and cheese

This combination is a favorite with many as a nightcap. The fragrant and restorative Espresso blend of coffee is the perfect end to a stressful day as it leaves you utterly relaxed and calm. You can enjoy it with mild cheeses and fruit which helps tone down the spice of the drink and helps you enjoy better.

Wrapping up

Coffee and food combinations have always been experimented with for a long. You can buy Lavazza® capsules of any flavor and try experimenting with its combination with the food of your choice. You are bound to find a sublime combination that always works for you. You can learn about the benefits of taking tea and other drinks on daily basis, on this website: www.resepnastar.comNote: The trademark is not owned by Gimoka or by companies connected to it. The BLUE® system is owned by Lavazza®.

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