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Handy Examines the Benefits of Prepaid Electricity


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Prepaid phone services are now the norm. Plus, you now have the option of prepaid electricity services as well. This comes as a great savior for all those with a low income and who live by budgeting. You can keep track of your electricity consumption and decide to top up at your choice. While you are weighing the pros and cons for opting a prepaid electricity, Handy lists out some benefits of the same.

The Benefits

  1. Track the consumption – First and foremost, with the option of prepaid electricity, you can keep track of your monthly electrical consumption. When you are aware of it, you might think of ways to reduce its consumption, saving some money for yourself. If you want better control of the situation you can fix the amount of money to be spent on electricity each month using the prepaid service. There is always an option to use an ‘emergency credit’ in case you exceed the desired amount.
  1. Credit system – One often wonders what happens in case of extra consumption due to some unforeseen conditions. Will their electricity be disconnected? Will they have to stay in the dark till they top-up? For such circumstances, there is a provision of an ‘Emergency’ or ‘Friendly’ credit system. The emergency credit facility gives a fixed amount of extra credit to be added in case you do not have the funds to recharge your balance. The friendly credit system is also known as a ‘no-disconnect’ service ensures that you do not run out of energy even if your recharge or other credits have depleted. You can also opt for a payment process gradually spread over a period of time. This makes your budget-handling easier.
  1. Easy to top-up – As you are in control of your electricity bills, prepaid electricity has an additional advantage of an easier top-up facility. Even when you are traveling, and your phone is not registered in the network; you can top-up your electric service at any gas station, supermarket, or payment kiosk. There are other traditional methods of payments too such as through internet banking, app, or at the service center. This ensures that even when you are not at home, your loved ones can enjoy undisrupted services and you do not have to pay any huge late fine charges.
  1. Managing other resources – In order to avoid any exaggerated expenses, you can keep track of your consumption and use less electricity. As you save electricity, the energy is conserved, and the instances of load-shedding will reduce. This is because now that you have put a stop on unnecessary consumption, the supply is either according to or greater than the demand for the electricity. It also gives you a good feeling that you are doing your bit like an environmental conservationist, reducing the impact of global warming and saving Mother Earth.


Each household has a different set of requirements. However, Handy feels that with the above-mentioned points you would be in a better position to decide on whether you want prepaid electricity. If it doesn’t suit you, there is always an option to change back to a postpaid facility.

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