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How to Burglar Proof Your Doors and Windows


Burglars get more and more creative every day. Yet, there’s one thing that stays the same – they always enter through your doors or windows. It’s unlikely that a regular burglar will go dig a secret tunnel into your home, they’re going to take advantage of the insecurities of your home’s entry points to get in! This is why you must stop them in their tracks and burglar-proof your doors and windows. You can learn about the safety and security measures you should take, on this website:

Best Ways to Burglar Proofing Your Doors and Windows

On the surface, burglar-proofing your doors and windows might just sound like all you can do is lock them, but that’s the least of what you need to do! There’s a lot more that goes into making sure your home is secure from an attack. We’re going to be going over the top — things you need to do to burglar-proof your doors and windows!

  1. Get the right locks: Most doors tend to have regular cylinder locks. These are made using a flimsy cylinder that can be snapped easily using something as simple as a screwdriver and a hammer. This means that if you have one of these locks, even if you remember to lock the doors, the effort will be futile. For a burglar who knows how to snap locks, it will be as if you never even locked the door in the first place! Instead, get insurance grade anti-snap locks! These can’t be snapped like a regular one and even if they do, they snap 1/3rd of the way, keeping the lock mechanism bolted in the door so the door still won’t open! To ensure these locks function properly, it’s best to get them installed by a professional. Anyone of the good locksmith services in Chicago or your local area, should be able to properly fit these locks in your door for you!
  2. Check your hinges: Hinges hold your door in place. If your hinges are facing outwards, the burglar won’t even have to unlock your door, they can easily unscrew them and remove your entire door! To make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Have your hinges changed and replaced with ones that are on the inside. As an extra layer of protection, have the screws of the hinges changed to ones that are at least 3 inches long.
  3. Ensure your doors and windows are strong: Most doors installed in rental homes are made out of sheet wood that might have a hollow core. Burglars can easily target the core and break through your door! The same goes for windows. Regular, easy to break the glass on your windows will mean that a burglar can just throw something heavy at the glass and break it, leaving the locks useless. Make sure that your doors are either made out of solid wood or metal, and your windows are shatterproof plexiglass or tempered glass. This will mean that even if the burglar tries to break into your house using the entry points, they won’t be able to!
  4. Add a grill: Window grills are an excellent way of adding an extra layer of security to your windows. These are installed right next to your windows and will make it impossible for a burglar to just squeeze in. Sure, they can still try to cut through these but the noise will be loud enough to alert your right away.
  5. Get sensors: Door and window sensors are a part of most home security systems. These are programmed to detect movement every time a door or window is opened. Almost all of them also have an alert that will go off making sure you’re aware of every single time they’re opened. This way, if they’re opened by someone that isn’t you, you’ll know right away!

All of these things come together to fully burglar-proof your doors and windows, making it almost impossible for someone to get through using these!

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