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How to Create a Great Home Office


Working from home has both perks and drawbacks. As a telecommuter, you avoid wasting time and money commuting from home to work and back, but it can be more difficult to focus and stay productive over the course of the workday without a separate workspace and colleagues to keep you motivated. Use these tips to set up a home office that will make it easier and more pleasant to get your work done. You can learn about the advantages of a home office, on this website:

Invest in a Few Key Pieces of Furniture

It can be challenging to sit on a kitchen chair or recliner for hours at a stretch while staying engaged with the tasks on your screen. The first step to turning any extra space in your home into a functioning office is to find furniture that works for you. Look online or visit your local mall to find the best place to buy office furniture. Since there is no need to blend in with others or keep up appearances, you are free to go with whatever works best for you. Go with a standard desk and office chair if you’re a traditionalist, or keep the body and mind engaged with an exercise ball and standing desk.

Consider a Second Monitor

Do you have a desktop computer (with a tower and attached monitor), or are you working from a laptop? Either way, a second monitor may be beneficial. Laptop users will benefit from having access to a larger screen at eye level, while desktop and laptop or even pre built gaming pc users alike may see improved productivity as a result of being able to view multiple windows at once. For example, if you’re tired of checking your email each time you hear the notification sound, keeping it open on a second monitor will make seeing a new message as easy as shifting your gaze.

Get a Plant (or Two)

Plants are both attractive and calming, and studies have shown that they improve the air quality in any given room. Depending on your gardening prowess, you can opt for a succulent (which is very easy to keep alive), a zebra plant (which is notoriously high maintenance), or something in between. Plants are a natural way to add a pop of color to your workspace, and if you ever have video calls with coworkers or clients, they’re sure to inspire compliments.

If you’re new to working from home, setting up a home office may appear to be a lot of work, but it’s not as difficult as it may seem. Start with the basics (your preferred desk and chair), and expand from there, taking things one step at a time. Soon, you may wonder how you ever got work done anywhere else.

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