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How To Start Using Printed Bags In Your Marketing Campaign


Putting together successful marketing isn’t the easiest thing in the world. You have to consider branding, the marketing channels you’ll choose and what products, if any, you want to produce. Promotional bags, however, are one of the most successful forms of advertising around, with studies suggesting that around 73% of all promotional products received are used at least once a week by the consumer. Given the success of bags within marketing, whether that’s printed mailing bags, tote bags, or something else entirely, we’re looking into how you can get started for your brand. You can learn about the importance of handbags and purses matching the dress, on this website:

What Will They Be Used For?

First things first, you need to work out what you want to use the bags for. This will help you determine the best type and design to suit the purpose. You could use them for:

  • Standard Bags

Your everyday carrier bags are one of the most budget-friendly methods of marketing your business could possibly have. You need carrier bags in your store regardless of whether they’re made of paper, plastic or you offer tote bags as a standard carrier bag form – whatever the case, these bags double up as an advertising opportunity. As your existing customers leave the store after making a purchase, they’ll be effectively carrying your branding with them and spreading the word.

  • Promotion Packs

Is there a special event happening in-store, or a holiday you can take advantage of? If the answer is yes – or really if the answer is no! – you can use printed bags to make promotion backs. These are usually cotton tote or paper bags filled with merchandise like pens, notebooks and other useful promotional items, alongside flyers with offers and more, which are handed out for free during events. You can include samples of your products or anything you deem worthy of including, keeping profitability in mind, of course.

  • Donation Bags

On a similar strain to the above, you could but together ‘goodie bags’ for charity events, which offers both you, and the charity, a benefit. Choose a charity that you believe in and want to support. By offering them these bags, they can attract donations from users or include flyers of their own in the bags, whilst providing you with a bit of extra publicity.

Pick Your Bag Type

Once you’ve determined the use for the bags, you can start picking out the type, and the design. Some of the most common types of marketing purposes include:

  • Laminated Paper Bags

If you have luxury products, laminated products can give your promotional bags a luxurious, sleek finish to suit. Choose handle types, designs, colour schemes and more that will fit right in at your next exhibition or conference, or that fit in well as a free gift at your next big in-store sale.

  • Flat-Handle Paper

Simple paper bags with a printed design might not immediately scream ‘luxury’, but these simple designs can be ideal for food brands, or for giving away a handful of promotional items at fair or event. They are good for lightweight items in particular, but a simple bag with clear branding could also lend itself to suiting fashion accessories, beauty or pharmacy products and more.

  • Reusable Plastic Or Jute

Plastic bags, or jute bags, can be good for marketing campaigns that encourage their reuse over and over again. A high-quality, durable and long-lasting jute bag, for example, can be used for shopping at a later date and will continue to act as a form of marketing, even beyond the day it was handed out.

  • Cotton Tote Bags

If you really want to invest in long-lasting marketing that will prove cost-effective in the long run, design a memorable tote bag to hand out as part of a promotion. Consider the different design routes you could take – incorporate a summer checklist when the warmer months are incoming or a festive one when Christmas promotions are rolling around. Making something memorable and even humorous can encourage people to reuse the bag again and again in the future.

With the right design and intended use, printed bags have the potential to completely transform how consumers see your business. Investing in bags is a cost-effective, yet profitable marketing method that’s far too easily overlooked – what will you start with? You can learn about the trending handbags you can also try, on this website:

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