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Let’s Talk About 3 Types Of Chain Wire Fencing


A chain wire fence is a woven wire made to put around a boundary for safety from intruders. These are usually seen to be a favourite option for home or business owners alike.

They are considered as the perfect choice because of their affordability in safeguarding different premises. They offer the best durability because of the materials like wire mesh and steel posts. For residential, commercial and industrial site, using fencing if chain wire can secure barricades and reduce the risks of climbing to a great extent. You can learn about the best way to protect your house, on this website:

When it comes to installing chainwire fencing around your sweet home or any other property, it becomes utmost necessary to know its different types. There are different options available to cater the diverse needs. Here, we have provided a detailed description of different variants of chainwire fencing for letting you make the right decision before their consideration.

Stainless steel fence

Also known as wire netting or diamond-mesh fencing. The wires are bent into a zig-zag manner and run vertically. Each ‘zig’ joins over the wire on one side and each ‘zag’ runs over the wire on the other side. This results in forming a diamond shape pattern all over the fence.

This type of fencing is highly suitable to alleviate rusting. Moreover, as stainless steel is of high tensile strength, it offers great durability.

However, this diamond shaped fence is rarely seen because they are expensive.

Galvanised fencing

This type of fencing is made from hot dip galvanised wire. Hot dip galvanising refers to the process of coating zinc metal on iron and steel.

Because of this combination, it offers great resistance to corrosion and thus, remains a high preference for many where climatic situations require heavy duty wire. It lasts longer due to the thick coating of zinc. Thus, the need for high cost is negligible. It is also more economical than stainless steel fencing.

PVC coating fencing

It is rated the best among the three types as it is designed for prolonged life in terms of longevity.

PVC coating offers greater resistance to corrosion and rust and also looks attractive in appearance than galvanised one. If you plan to fence a boundary near a sea or acid factory area, go for PVC coating fencing. Why? Because sea salt air and an acidic atmosphere easily corrodes the metal zinc.

PVC coating is also a perfect choice for burying the wire mesh below the ground to stop animals from digging and finding their way inside the enclosure.

To conclude, different fences suit different functions. They come in a variety of design options to make their look less dull and more eye-catching. Yet, their functionalities remain the same, that is to prevent any kind of trespassing and reducing certain threats posed to any property.

They are equally appreciated in places like military camps, airports, highway projects etc. because of their easy repair and maintenance qualities. However, it must be noted that your preference for any type of fencing may largely depend on the cost and climatic conditions.

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