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Moissanite jewelry is worth paying attention to


Moissanite is a gemstone that’s recently been growing in popularity. Many see it as an attractive alternative to diamond – it has some similar properties but at a lower price range. You can learn about the trending jewelry that you can consider for special occasions, on this website:

In this article, we’ll look at why it’s definitely worth it to consider buying moissanite jewelry.

Affordability and consistent quality

The already mentioned distinct advantage of moissanites over diamonds is their significantly lower price. While the price of a diamond is based on its clarity, color, cut and size, the price of a moissanite is based mainly on its size. Because moissanites are produced in laboratories, as a rule they have high clarity and high quality cuts. The Czech jewelry studio KLENOTA has stated that where the price of a moissanite ring is between £400 and £1,000, the price of the same diamond ring in the same size would be over £3,000 higher.

The ethical dimension

Natural moissanites are extremely rare which is why those used in jewelry today are made in a laboratory since the way that the gemstones formed in nature can be very faithfully replicated there. As a result, the process through which moissanites are created has a minimal environmental impact compared to the mining of gemstones. So if the issue of sustainability and ecology is close to your heart and you want to base your decisions about what to buy in line with your beliefs, moissanites are likely to be an attractive choice for you from this perspective as well.

Sophisticated elegance

What immediately catches the eye about moissanites is their high degree of sparkle – they reflect even more light than diamonds so they are guaranteed to dazzle and their look is timeless. They are elegant and go well with any color of gold to create unique jewelry. Popular cuts on moissanites include the round, oval, pear or the emerald cut, which was originally developed for emeralds and which is shaped like a rectangle with cropped corners. The use of this cut has expanded over time and the KLENOTA studio mentioned above has become so enamored with it that they have created an entire collection of jewelry with moissanites.

Moissanites may not be as hard as diamonds, but they are still very resistant to scratches, chipping and similar defects, making them suitable for everyday wear. They are even less affected by temperature shocks compared to diamonds and they are also not as fragile.

And who is moissanite jewelry suitable for?

This jewelry is perfect for those who appreciate modern pieces, are looking for enduringly beautiful jewelry and are often drawn to minimalism. A combination of a necklace and earrings with moissanites will make a great all-round universal jewelry set. In fact due to its versatility, Moissanite jewelry is suitable as a gift for all occasions. You can learn about the best way to match your jewelry with dresses, on this website:

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