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NEC LaVie Hybrid Zero, Technical Details Of A 2 In 1 Ultra Compact


Today we present a new solution laptop light and interesting it is called NEC LaVie Hybrid Zero and is a personal computer that tries to compete with the competition, using a weight of just 779 grams, less than a pound, then, and a thickness of only 16.9 millimeters. You can learn about the latest technologies and their advantages, on this website:

The judgment is very positive, although we have not tested, because the ultra-compact solutions, although not always have the best performance, they are very comfortable a little for all users.

LaVie Hybrid Zero also has another important peculiarity: the data-sheet is characterized by the presence of a very interesting processor, a Broadwell that – as you know – was presented recently and is much less expensive, in terms of consumption, compared to ‘Haswell (and performance, especially, have been improved greatly). Well the rest of the technical specifications is good, because we are talking about a device 2 in 1, then really complete:

  • Touchscreen 13.3-inch Full-HD or WQHD;
  • Core i5-5200U / i7-5500U;
  • 4/8 GB RAM;
  • Autonomy equal to 6.5 / 11.5 hours.

It remains to see another pair of components, which are still unknown, but, as it stands, LaVie Hybrid Zero does not leave unsatisfied: only hope that, as a device that belongs to a brand is not noble, the price does not reach stellar figures. You can learn about the upcoming devices and applications, on this website:

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