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Situations Where You Need A Personal Injury Attorney


A personal injury can leave you surrounded with several questions like,

  •     Which medical facility to choose?
  •     Where to arrange the finances from?
  •     Do you need a personal injury attorney?

While the first two depend on your personal choice, the third one can be generalized. If the injury has happened due to someone else’s carelessness, then you will have to file a case against them. On the other hand, you might need to deal with insurance companies for claims. You require legal advice for both of them. That is where a Pembroke Pines personal injury attorney will be helpful for you.

Although it is legally not essential to hire a personal injury lawyer, you should be considering it to make your legal work more convenient. However, it mostly depends on your circumstances. So here we have brought some of the general situations when hiring a lawyer would be the best choice for you.

Severe Injuries

As the severity of your injury increases, the amount you need to claim also rises. However, if the faulty person’s insurance limit is less than your claim, the company might decline to pay the entire sum. In such a situation, you need to fight them legally to provide you with the compensation that you deserve. And this might not be possible without a lawyer because the insurance companies have their own legal team. You simply can not beat a team of experts alone. With the help of a personal injury attorney, you can ask them to pay the compensation and win against them.

Unfair Settlements

Faulty person’s insurance company tries to settle you in as little compensation as possible or they even sometimes refuse to pay anything at all. These are known as unfair settlements, where you do not receive a fair amount against your injuries and medical bills. If you do not proceed legally in such a situation, there is no chance you can get your due amount from them. For this, you will require a personal injury attorney. They will legally fight from your behalf with the insurance company and will ensure that you get what you deserve.

Permanent Injuries

Severe injuries get cured with time and proper care. However, in the case of permanent injuries, you either get disabled forever or for an undefined time. In such a situation, it is tough to decide the amount of compensation. So it becomes easy for the insurance companies to fool you. If you want to avoid this and get a fair deal from them, your only rescue is a personal injury attorney. With their expertise, they can calculate what all finances need to be covered for both short and long-term. So they can come up with a fair amount for compensation.

Multiple Liabilities

No insurance company wants to give away their money so quickly. They try to fight you as long as you do not settle for a lesser compensation or no amount at all. So when the accountability of the injury is not clear or when multiple parties are included in it, the work with insurance claims becomes messy. Only an expert personal injury attorney can take you out of this mess and make things better for you.

You are not obliged to hire a lawyer in the situations mentioned above. However, it might not be possible for you to cope with all the legal formalities while dealing with the injury on one side. So taking help from a lawyer would be the best option. 


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