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Trendy Interior Designs in 2020


2020 has undoubtedly been the year people have appreciated just how important interior design is. With so many spending much more time at home, there is a lot more scrutiny on how we decorate and design our spaces for everyday living. Today (and probably in the near future), people are not just buying properties or building like they used to. Now it’s a focus on both productivity and relaxation, multipurpose spaces, and of being able to spend more time at home and do more activities there. You can learn about the latest interior designing, on this website:

What are some 2020 interior design trends you need to think of in your next project? They include the following:

  1. Sustainable material

Green or sustainable living has become a bigger part of the public consciousness in recent years. People have become aware that they need to look into eco-friendly ways to live and to decorate their houses. Instead of going for traditional woods that are also driving deforestation, especially in developing countries, you should opt for bamboo, which is renewable. Bamboo isn’t just to create an Eastern or tropical feel– its many applications have made it the darling of designers like Stefen Diez and Jeff Dayu Shi.

  1. Contemporary wallpaper

It’s all about patterns in 2020. Contemporary wallpapers have benefited from advances in technology to make their installation and removal much easier than in times past. Tapestry-inspired designs are on the rise- these large-pattern wallpapers depicting plants and other outdoor elements are especially welcome in a time when most people have limited their outdoor activities.

  1. Built-in fittings

As house prices have jumped, in recent years, space has become more and more of a premium. Built-in fittings such as wardrobes, TV cabinets, bars, desks, and kitchen pantries can save space or reduce the visual clutter that comes with multi-function rooms. They are a great way to save on space and make good use of storage space. Singapore, with its small apartments and high real estate prices, has been on the leading edge of these designs for some time now, but the space-saving design has entered the mainstream globally.

  1. Antique art

With all the complications brought about by life in 2020, many yearn for the good old days when things were simpler and global pandemics were only hypothetical. As the millennial generation ages into the workforce and is taking up managerial positions and running companies, they’ve also amassed enough disposable income to invest in their nostalgia. 2020 has undoubtedly taken appreciation of antique and vintage art to another level. Modernized retro and retro-futurism that calls back to the 80s, or refers to the plenty in the producing decades are making a splash, with furniture and decor fetching high prices on the antiquities market.

The events of 2020 have been, in a word, unprecedented. And its effects, not just on design but on life in all aspects, will continue to be felt in years to come. As design is always informed by the times, what new aesthetic will rise this year and the next? We’re excited to find out!

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