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What You Need to Know When Planning Auto Transport


Auto-shipping companies have revolutionized car transportation. Not only have they made it easy to ship vehicles within one’s home state, but also nationwide. For first-time shipping clients, making the right choices can smoothen vehicle transit. This guide identifies four things you need to know when strategizing car transport. You can learn about the best practices to transport the vehicles, on this website:

Auto Transport Companies

There are two types of car shipping companies; brokers and carriers. With the auto transport industry’s growing popularity, it’s better to know the difference between the two. When a broker takes your car shipment order, they look for a transporter. Thus, the person you first talked to won’t be the one to deliver. To maintain high-profit margins, brokers often hire third-party vendors who offer low quotes, and the latter may delay as they await enough orders to make the transit worthwhile. Since brokers have a vast network of transporters from all over the country, they are in a better position to deliver vehicles over a wider area.

By hiring a carrier company, you will deal with the same people throughout your car shipment. The companies own shipping trucks and employ regular drivers. It is more reliable as you are in direct contact with the transporter. Also, this one-on-one communication provides a more accurate departure and arrival time. In a bid to diversify, some auto shipping companies operate both as brokers and carriers.

Type of Transport

Auto transport is much more involved than most people realize. For instance, many people don’t know they can choose between open-carrier car shipping and transporting it in an enclosed auto-transport trailer. Closed carrier shipping is a premium alternative to conventional open-air car shipping services. It provides added peace of mind that your car will arrive in the same condition it left and will be protected from weather and road hazards.

People with custom or classic cars prefer private enclosed car transport. In private enclosed car transport, only one car is shipped in a single car enclosed transport carrier. On the other hand, while transporters can move more cars with an open flatbed, it is the cheaper option. Empty trucks are also more readily available compared to closed ones.

Door-to-Door Versus Terminal-to-Terminal Delivery

Full vehicle transportation service ends up with delivery. There are two delivery methods; door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal delivery. You could opt for door-to-door car delivery, a convenient option whereby the transporter drives the car to your doorstep. For people living in small neighborhoods with narrow road tracks, a flatbed truck may be unable to reach a doorstep. If so, terminal-to-terminal delivery is ideal. You drive the car or pick it up from a predetermined location. However, this delivery option is unpopular as leaving a car in many yards with poor security exposes it to vandalism or even theft.

Vehicle Delivery Period

The time of car delivery mostly depends on the distance. Although most auto shipments reach their destination as scheduled, car delivery delays, too, may happen. Inclement weather such as fog and rain reduces visibility on the road, which increases the probability of car accidents. Rather than risk lives, carrier drivers are usually advised to park beside the road and wait. Other reasons for delay include:

  • Shipping traffic jam
  • Auto carrier truck breakdowns
  • Driving laws and regulations

When organizing a car shipment, you have the option of picking a broker or a carrier company. These companies transport cars either in an open or closed truck. For the latter, cars almost always arrive in pristine condition, as there is no exposure to weather elements. Also, you can choose to have the car brought up to your doorstep or have it left in a car lot for your pick-up, albeit a risky option, due to the high chances of vandalism or theft. You can learn about things to look after if you are trying to transport your car from one city to another, on this website:

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