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Why is Temperature Control Packaging Important


Temperature Control Packaging is an engineered packaging system that protects temperature-sensitive items such as pharmaceuticals from temperature excursion or change.

Whether it be for transport across sea, air or land, temperature control packaging is available in variety of innovative systems to suit Cold Chain shipping requirements in a wide range of industries and situations.

Temperature control packaging is important because there often is not a standard solution for every Cold Chain need. In some cases, a bespoke design is needed to develop custom temperature control packaging systems for a customer’s specific needs via a User Requirement Specification.

One such case is in the Clinical Trial industry, where increasing regulatory oversight has created a need for specialist Cold Chain shippers such as TempCell from Softbox.

When temperature sensitive Investigational Medicinal Products are shipped on express distribution networks, they need to comply with a range of temperature profiles and challenges. TempCell provides not just physical protection but also ease of packing and control of temperature excursion across all domestic, regional and international carriers. With over 250,000 clinical trial shipments made in TempCell express parcel shippers, it’s clear to see the importance of temperature control packaging.

The benefits of temperature control packaging

  • different industries need different solutions
  • different countries have different temperatures
  • different regions have different standards of transport

When shipping temperature sensitive products, all of these factors could impact on the requirements. How long the items can be kept cold, over what temperature range, and in what payload (capacity).

By providing innovative temperature control packaging, items can be guaranteed to be safe from temperature excursion, although the actual system used will vary.

Some examples of temperature control packaging systems are :-


Covering a range from 2 to 8 Celsius, reusable high performance shippers can protect for above 96 hours, in payloads of 5, 12 and 24 litres.

Silverpod Air

Almost a default choice for Pharma companies, Silverpod Air provides temperature compliant air  transportation. Suitable for 2-8 Celsius and 15-25 Celsius, over 120 hours of protection is offered in payloads between 1195 and 2994 litres.


Ideal for pharmaceutical and Diagnostic products for hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies, Polybox is a range of pre-qualified express parcel shippers worldwide. Available in payloads of 7 to 28 litres, up to 129 hours protection is available between temperatures of of 2-8 Celsius and 15-25 Celsius.

Dry Ice shippers

Frozen products from 48 to 130 hours, in payloads from 0.5 to 1572 litres can be shipped using dry ice.

Silverpod Ocean

When shipping by sea, power outage during unloading and loading can be problematic. Silverpod Oceans protects payloads of 3800 litres from temperature variations.

Conclusion: Temperature control packaging is important, but also available to suit almost any need for any industry

Whatever your temperature profile needs, or distribution challenges, temperature control packaging is the solution. Available in a variety of systems, Cold Chain shipping is safe, simple and secure.

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