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5 Best Hotel In Singapore For Staycation


Do you have plans for a staycation in Singapore? Then the list of hotel in this article can be your choice. You will feel a very pleasant staycation. Not only in the room, but there are also many interesting facilities that you can enjoy. You can learn about the hotels and their charges, on this website:

Therefore, take a look at the reviews about the best hotels in Singapore below! Besides being able to be used for a staycation, the following hotels can be used for certain event purposes, such as if you have an office event. Some hotels provide facilities for your business needs.

You can easily order all the hotels listed in this article via the Traveloka application. In addition, you can get attractive bonuses, such as promos hotels or discounted prices.

1.   SO/ Singapore

This hotel has a classic modern style, you will feel like living in Europe. The design and architecture are the important factors that can spoil your eyes. Not only does it stand out in the style of the building, SO/ Singapore hotel is equipped with exciting facilities, making your staycation activities not boring.

Besides being suitable for a staycation, SO/ Singapore is also often visited by couples who are on a honeymoon or romantic gateway. Enjoy a memorable night with your loved ones at SO/ Singapore. This hotel is the best choice for those of you who need lodging with luxurious facilities and services.

2.   Hilton Singapore

Located on Orchard Road, which is quite strategic and easy to reach, only 0.41 Km from Orchard MRT Station. Hilton Singapore not only prioritizes a strategic location but also provides interior designs that can make guests feel more comfortable for long stays.

Then, the luxurious facilities and services provided make you feel very optimized, whatever you need for your needs can be properly facilitated.

3.   InterContinental Hotels SINGAPORE

This hotel, which is located in Bugis, has a different concept from others. You will feel a classic and luxurious building while staycation in InterContinental Hotels Singapore. Then, this hotel will give you some attractive facilities, such as a casino, fitness center, bar, and others.

The interior design for each room, as well as the facilities in it, is also very luxurious. Dominated in white, with a touch of gold, the InterContinental Hotels Singapore room looks absolutely perfect.

For the size of the room, you don’t need to ask, this five-star hotel is equipped with spacious rooms, making you very comfortable staying here for a long time. Also, there are several Instagrammable photo spots that you can use as a background.

4.   Mandarin Orchard Singapore

If you are looking for an aesthetic hotel, Mandarin Orchard Singapore can be an option for those of you who want to staycation in Singapore. You can find room designs that are often seen on Pinterest and Instagram.

Take your photo during your staycation at Mandarin Orchard Singapore and share the moment on your social media.

Meanwhile, the facilities at this hotel are quite complete, there is an outdoor pool and a fitness center. Your staycation experience will be unforgettable and very memorable.

5.   Carlton Hotel Singapore

Want to feel the sauna or steam room facilities like in the movies you watch? So, you must stay at the Carlton Hotel Singapore. In addition, there are still many hotel facilities that you can enjoy with your family during a staycation.

The design of the room that seems warm, makes you sleep better. After returning from a staycation at the Carlton Hotel Singapore, you will be better prepared to go through the busy days with more enthusiasm.

That’s all about the best hotel recommendation that you can choose if you want a staycation for a few days. You can rent a luxurious room and have a stay that makes you feel like you are pampered. Immediately, open the Traveloka application on your cell phone and book a hotel room right now. You can learn about the reservation methods you can try, on this website:

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