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Matthew Davies Looks at The Best Places for Tourist in Nicaragua


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Nicaragua is the perfect place where you can enjoy nature in its entirety. It is blessed with freshwater lakes, forests, volcanoes, canyons, and forests. In addition, it is also filled with other man-made wonders such as fortresses, parks, surf beaches, and much more. The world is slowly catching up to the fact that Nicaragua is a buffet of stunning beauty and tourists from across the globe are clamoring to experience a slice of the country’s wilder side. Matthew Davies has prepared a list of some of the best spots in Nicaragua to assist you with your travel plans. So, pack your bags and book your ticket because you’re in for a wild ride. You can learn about various travel destinations, on this website:

The Places

  1. Masaya Volcano- Experience the bubbling beauty of molten rocks and a million degrees of the Masaya Volcano in Managua. The Santiago Crater houses the molten giant within its boundaries. The tour will take you right up to the lip of the crater where you can park your vehicle and peer through the surplus clouds of molten lava.

You can even visit the museum during the day to learn more about the origins of the volcano. However, the true beauty of the lava fields is revealed during nighttime. The golden glow cast on the walls of a crater is a sight to behold and is well-worth your flight fare. Several other tourist attractions popped up, so there is a lot to see once you set foot in Managua, but nothing comes close to the golden magnificence of the lava giant.

  1. Somoto Canyon- The Somoto Canyon was accidentally discovered by two Czech geologists in 2004 and became one of the key attractions in Nicaragua. You can either opt for a 4 hour or an 8-hour boat ride into the narrowest parts of the gorge, the latter going much deeper into a spooky colony of bats.

The boat ride is one of the country’s key attractions offering significant insight into its natural beauty. Also, scrambling over rocks and flowing down rapid tides is a great and safe way to satiate your inner adventurer.

  1. Cerro Mogoton- The Cerro Mogoton in the ultimate destination for hikers. You can arrange a guided tour/hike to the highest and wettest tip in the country. Beware as there is a fair chance of slipping into the moss-covered foliage. The 3-4-hour ascent is an experience of a lifetime and is a must-visit for travel lovers who prefer the wilderness and a pleasant walk.
  2. Isla Ometepe- From San Jorge port, you can take a ferry to the island of Lago Cocibolca and land on the Isla which Ometepe houses not one but two volcanoes. The active Concepcion is located in the north and the inactive Maderas in the South.

Take a sloth filled siesta in crystal clear water of the lake or engage in more adventurous sports such as mountain biking, horse riding, and even kayaking along the Rio Istrian.


According to Matthew Davies, these are only a few of the many attractions that Nicaragua offers to its visitors. To enjoy such unparalleled wonders packs your bags today and set a calendar for the journey of a lifetime. You can learn about different destinations to visit with your family, on this website:

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