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Renunciation Of Polish Citizenship – Do I Need Any Serious Reason?


Holding dual citizenship can open plenty of opportunities for you, however, it can also, in some situations, be a burden. For example, if you hold a public position in government or plan to be involved in political activities, you may not always be allowed to keep dual citizenship – Polish citizenship and citizenship of the country of your birth. In such cases, it will be necessary to take part in the renunciation process. What should you know about Polish citizenship renunciation and where to look for help? You can learn about the rules and regulations for foreigners in different European countries, on this website:

Renunciation of Polish citizenship – what does it mean?

We often encounter situations in which foreigners are still not sure of their background or do not know where to seek help with the Polish citizenship confirmation process. This problem can be easily solved. The Polish Citizenship Experts are here to help you with the whole process and make it as smooth as possible. In today’s article, we have decided to mention another aspect of being a fully-fledged citizen of Poland which is the renunciation of Polish citizenship. According to Polish law, a citizen cannot forfeit citizenship unless he or she renounces it. The process of Polish citizenship renunciation usually applies to foreigners who obtained a certain position in government or any other position that prohibits dual citizenship.

Although having dual citizenship is very beneficial, for some people it may be an obstacle. As a result, they are forced to renounce Polish citizenship to be eligible for their duties. Sometimes, individuals also choose to renounce their citizenship for no specific reason. The main point is that renunciation can be granted to a foreigner under the condition that he or she holds the citizenship of any other country, for example, a country of birth. Nonetheless, he or she still needs to file an official motion. After the President of the Republic of Poland accepts the renunciation application, an individual loses citizenship and all the benefits coming along with being a citizen of Poland.

How to renounce Polish citizenship?

Renunciation of Polish citizenship is strictly regulated in the Act on Polish citizenship. It says that any individual who would like to or needs to renounce citizenship due to various reasons must submit a motion in the appropriate institution which is the Polish Consulate General, or the Provincial Office if it comes to foreigners residing in Poland. The only formal requirement is to possess citizenship of another country which results from Art. 7 of the Hague Convention. The individual also needs to enclose a set of documents confirming that he is a fully-fledged citizen of a country other than Poland, such as vital records, marriage certificate, or valid ID. An official motion should be prepared in Polish. Do not worry about it! Polish Citizenship Experts will assist in the whole process and advise on the required documents. There is no need for you to come to Poland if you live abroad. The renunciation application can be submitted via post or in person at the nearest Polish Consulate General.

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Polish Citizenship renunciation – how long does the process take?

Article 46 of the Act on Polish Citizenship says that an individual loses citizenship after receiving the consent of the President of the Republic of Poland. The consent on renunciation application – positive or not, is given in a form of the decision issued by the President and as of the date of its issuance, the loss of Polish citizenship occurs after 30 days or less if the President decides so. It is always worth mentioning the renunciation process may take longer if you are of Polish origin but still do not have your Polish citizenship confirmed. First of all, you need to go through the citizenship confirmation process and register vital records. This way, you will be able to finally renounce your citizenship. We hope to make the whole process less complicated. You can learn about the advantages of living in Asian countries, on this website:

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