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5 Big Reasons To Install Silent Alarm On Your Site


Before you install silent alarms at your site, you need to understand the need for silent alarms. Your place’s security system is designed for two purposes: catching the wrong-doers and giving you protection. If there is some intruder at your place, you need the security system to get alarmed about it. However, if the intruders come to know about your plan, they might get intimidated and harm you. Therefore, a silent alarm is generally installed. Here is a list of reasons why it is important to install silent alarms at your site.

Protect yourself from intruders

Not all intruders come with the intention to harm you. They might be thieves who will sneak in, take your belongings and sneak out from your place. However, if they sense that they are about to get caught, they might be driven by their survival instinct and harm you in the process. They might also hold you as a hostage so that they can get out of the place unharmed. To ensure that the intruders do not understand that they have been observed, you can install silent alarms at your place. These alarms are controlled with a single push button hidden underneath some objects. Only the securities in the control room will get to know about it when they are switched on. Therefore, as the thieves go about their business, the security system can cordon them off without their knowledge.

Better chance of catching the intruders

As stated earlier, silent alarms never apprehend the intruders. Therefore, they can coolly go about their business without knowing that they are being watched. Since there is no panic in them, they will keep on collecting your belongings. In the meantime, your security system will be able to sneak in behind them and easily catch the whole group. They will be busted so easily that they will have very little reaction time to recover. Once they are caught, you do not have to go through the ordeals of filing complaints to get your things back.

Your children will not get panicked

If you have children in your house, they might panic at the thought of having an intruder at your house. Your security will take care of the intruder, so let them only know about it. Your children can sleep at peace even though some theft is going on at your house.

Your neighbors will not get disturbed

In a normal alarm system, the sound is loud enough to alarm your neighbors. If there is any irregular activity in your house, a normal alarm will create a lot of commotion in your neighborhood. A silent alarm will only alarm your securities, and the neighborhood commotion can be avoided easily.

Minimal chances of false alarm

A normal wireless security system often results in false alarm due to your pets’ signal interference or movements. However, the silent alarm is built with modern technology that takes care of these issues. You also have the option to consider whether you want to switch on the normal alarm system. Therefore, no one will be disturbed unnecessarily.

The silent alarm is an example of the evolving technology, and you must install one at your house to have the best security system serving you.

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