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Why Are Designer Labels So Exorbitantly Overpriced?


It is vastly commonplace to be intimated by the pricing at a designer store. We often find ourselves to be ludicrously perplexed at these prices. However, there is a lot that goes on behind the curtain. Designer labels are complex and undergo varied steps becoming reaching the final deliverable.

Customization is a key component in this stratagem. It has a propensity for validating the customer demands. With imbibing characteristic preferences and apt sizing we can get the desired look. There are a myriad of websites who have become team players in the e-commerce pursuit. We can now purchase custom suits online.

Even with the rise of trying times during the Covid outbreak designers have managed to make clothing accessible to people in need. Especially those who tied knots around this time and profoundly needed wedding gowns and custom suits online.

Buying a designer merchandise is an undeclared persona of one’s self. You let the merchandise do the talking for you. The rationale behind being so captivated by these things has also to do with this pricing and exclusivity. You are not only paying for an item but a piece of art.

It’s a privilege to be associated with them because they are not accessible  to anyone and everyone. It distinguishes you from the rest of the crowd. Their price points being sky- high are partly a deliberate attempt for it to not be a mass product. Moreover, the supply chain is much too vast and a great deal of money is spent along the way before the product finally reaches the consumer.


We are paying for the acuity of the ingenious mind alongside labour and extensively made marketing budgets. Let’s start by dwelling into some of these points

1)  Fashion connoseriours are typically precocious and perfectionists by nature. They do not submit a garment solely based on a few facets of the appeal. They make multiple prototypes, re engineering it over and over unless the end product is utmost pleasing. Since they are manufacturing it locally or in exotic fashion hubs, even the taxes paid are numerously high. The major cost is centered around designing and compiling the first outcome which needs to be fastidious. They take months to create the perfect design. You know what they say, “Time is money”. The more time you spend on developing a merchandise the more money you are missing out.

2) The fabrics that are used are extremely rare and of a definitive high quality. Importing multiple fabrics to fit your brief is also a major expense.

3) They are not mass produced in factories of China or Bangladesh. The exclusivity and lower numbers make the prices soar higher. Also, each and every item is personally sewn and finished.

4) The marketing costs are over the roof. This is one of the paramount factors, giving labels an edge. The inventive marketing campaigns, fashion shows and social media handles also make it more appealing. Watching supermodels, celebrities and fashion shows instantly perks up something in the viewer. The generic looking merchandise on a hanger suddenly looks surreal.


Followed by production are sales. Ginormous labels usually have their own stores or websites. At times they are even sold in department stores and online. There are extensive distribution and warehousing costs.

Added to this are labour, staffing and renting costs for ostentatious stores. They also sell to retailers. To make up for all these costs and carving a neat profit for themselves, designer collections are exorbitantly priced.


In hindsight, resorting to extravagant labels is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, fashion enthusiasts solely save up money to be in sync with trends and assuage their compulsion. Luxury designers spend wards and wards of cash in curating splendid fashion shows. It may come across as too heavily priced because we only look at the final deliverable and wonder “why is it so expensive?”

But having narrowed down the nitty-gritty of it gives us a better insight . It is a matter of wants and not needs. Counterintuitive to the general belief, they are not always of the most premium quality either. But those of them who are peculiarly swayed by crafastmaniship and exclusivity will buy them no matter what. People also vastly resonate with celebrities, hence bagging these items. We can only hope to make a viable purchase and make sustainable use of it to be mutually beneficial.

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