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Handy Looks at How to Start A Business on Amazon


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E-commerce platforms have given a new dimension to upcoming entrepreneurs. If you happen to run a business and wish to upgrade it to a global level, it is best to tie up with online business portals. Amazon with its widespread popularity comes as your first choice in such a situation. If you have no idea where and how to begin this venture, all you need is to go through this to know the details. Handy provides you the steps and necessary tips to start a business on Amazon.

The Steps

  1. Create an Amazon seller account- The first step to starting your business is to create a seller account. For this you have to go to Amazon’s site and click on the bottom of the page where the footers are located. Click on “Sell on Amazon” and follow the . While registering yourself you have an option of setting up as an Individual or Professional account and it is your business potential and perspective to go with either of the two.
  2. Pick your niche– The opportunities and the business ideas are aplenty on Amazon. Before starting you must be very clear about the product lines that you may be excited to venture into. Narrow down your list of niches and make a list of products to follow a structured approach in business. Research about the product, its demand, price range, and expected volume to understand the nuances of business properly. Try to keep away from competing with well-established products and brands.
  3. Product-sourcing details– Once you have zeroed in on the products you wish to sell on Amazon, you have to establish the sourcing of these products. Make sure that your supplier is a reliable one who is prompt in dispatching and also pays the highest attention to the quality of products.
  4. Research about the shipping process– Getting your product delivered on time depends a lot on your shipping options and availability. While choosing for one, ensure that the shipping agent is reputed but also not very pricey. It should also cater to the destinations where you think you might have potential buyers. While shipping overseas there are a lot of Government regulations and formalities which your shipping agent should abide by. Be aware of those and then go on to follow the specific guidelines on how to prepare and ship your orders.
  5. Advertise your product– Create a brand name for your line of product and think of a clever tagline that speaks about the uniqueness of your product. Then, create a brand logo for which you can seek professional help from a graphic artist. Copyright your brand name and logo and then go on to advertise your product so that the buyers have a fair idea of it. When you post pictures of your products make sure they are done by professionals as a poor image can destroy the chances of impressing the customers. You can learn about various advertising opportunities, on this website:


Marketing your product through social media is also a must in this age. Handy thinks that a careful strategy and planning can go a long way in making your business enterprise successful on Amazon.

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