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Importance of Janitorial Service to Business Success


When do you think of the most important personnel employed by your business, who springs to mind? Whether you realize it or not, the janitorial service that your business uses provides some of the most important work of your business. You can learn about various services you can get in your area, on this website:

The cleaning service personnel do not just empty wastebaskets and mop. They ensure a healthy environment for all. Here are the top benefits of contracting with a professional janitorial service.

  1. A squeaky-clean office or storefront provides a professional appearance. A clean, pristine environment provides a positive impression. When customers enter your business place, they form an instant image based upon what they observe. This starts with reducing clutter, but extends to the deep cleaning of dust, dirt, and vacuuming with machines that use HEPA filters.
  2. Professional janitorial services provide the depth of clean needed for a healthy, safe work environment. Coffee break areas, kitchens, and bathrooms require daily sanitization. Professional cleaning products rid surfaces of toxins and viruses so employees and customers experience clean, fresh air without allergens and pathogens present. This includes regular air duct cleaning so your office or storefront retains its indoor air quality.
  3. The clean produced by professional cleaning services results in increased employee productivity. That is no exaggeration. Allergies fall into the top three reasons employees miss work, so the work of professional janitors helps keep them healthier. The frequent upholstery and carpet cleaning plus allergen and dust removal provide a fresh environment for employees that can provide a respite during allergy season. Conversely, a dirty office or storefront can create what in planning is termed a “sick building,” a structure that causes illnesses due to mold, mildew, or toxins in the structure.
  4. Professional cleaning also reduces disease spread. It can help stop a virus in its tracks. Your janitorial service can leave your employees’ instructions and sanitizing wipes so they can touch up the deep clean throughout the day after a customer visits or someone uses a telephone. This meets with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations for daily sanitization of faucets, phones, desktops, and doorknobs.
  5. A spotless business boosts morale by providing a clean environment that smells good. It shows pride in the workplace and can help create happier employees.
  6. Professional cleaning services provide you long term cost savings by deep cleaning on a regular basis, including hard-to-reach areas. The regular carpet cleaning helps keep it looking fresh, so you do not need to replace the carpet as often.

Start your search for commercial janitorial services Manitoba with the most experienced companies. Some janitorial services have been in operation for more than 90 years. This combination of experience, reputation, and expertise can benefit your business in many ways beyond empty trash bins and waxed floors.

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