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How To Tell Your Elderly Loved One You Have To Move Away From Them


There are many reasons why you might be considering a move. It could be to access better schools for your children or your career is providing you with new challenges. A move can be exciting but it can also come with a dark cloud hanging over it – when it means moving and leaving your elderly parents behind.

It is a fact that many elderly people feel comfortable in their own home and have every intention of remaining in their home for as long as possible, something that is prominent in the No Place Like Home Report.

But how do you tell an elderly relative or parent that you are moving away?

Be honest and clear about what the move involves

The news may be unexpected or it could be something that they knew would happen but still, when they hear the news of your imminent departure, it will be difficult news to digest.

You need to be honest and clear about what the move entails, when it is happening and other details. Most people on hearing the news will be genuinely pleased but they will obviously have concerns.

Encourage them to share their concerns

Moving away is not without issues, especially if your elderly relative has come to rely on you for help on a regular basis. Losing you will mean that they need to look at alternative arrangements. They may have other concerns too.

It is important to discuss these and for your elderly relative to have a chance to air any problems that they foresee. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t change your plans but clearly, some issues will be easier to resolve than others.

Practical solutions to problems

Every problem has a solution – it’s just a question of finding them. For example, for elderly relatives who need a little help around the home or who need someone to help them with shopping and other practical arrangements, there is the solution of a live in carer.

This person is constantly around for a set number of days, ensuring that the person they are looking after gets to enjoy living safely in their own home. It is a solution that also gives you peace of mind that your relative is being well looked after.

Leave with a return date in mind

For many elderly relatives, knowing when they will talk to you and see you again will be important. Agree to regular contact over the phone or using technology such as video calls and make sure you stick to these agreed times.

Setting a date for a visit is also important, and something for your elderly relative to look forward too. You might also want to plan when they pay a visit to your new home whether that is a few hundred miles away or on the other side of the world.

A live in carer brings so much freedom for not just you but your elderly relative too. You can find out more about this at The Live In Care Hub (

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