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Mark Roemer Explores How to Sell Your Old Phone for Extra Cash



Like most, you may trade in your old phone for a new model at your mobile carrier’s retail store. According to Mark Roemer, that is certainly the quickest way to get rid of your old phone for a decent trade-off. However, it’s not the best way. You can learn about the platforms that allow you to buy and sell the used devices, on this website:

 Let’s look at the best ways you can opt for selling your old phone for extra cash:

Online Options

  1. Gazelle – If you want to sell your old phone at the largest cell-phone trade-in marketplace in the United States, then this is the ideal choice. From start to finish you can use the listing platform to get your phone up on the market within just 5 minutes. Moreover, shipping costs are covered by Gazelle. However, Gazelle can also revise the offer price after they inspect the phone and if you aren’t happy with lowered revised offers, you have 5 days to decline. For payment from Gazelle, you can opt for a Paypal deposit, check, or in the form of an Amazon gift card.
  1. OCBuyBack – If you want the most amount of cash for your old iPhone or android without the risk of peer-to-peer transactions, OCBuyBack is a fantastic website. After you go to the website, choose your brand and model, and answer a few basic questions about the device. You can do the same for an unlimited number of smartphones you have forgotten in your closet or under the couch. After that, you can drop your phones at a nearby OCBuyBack drop-off location or ship it to them for free. After they have inspected your device, you get the payment within two business days.
  1. EcoATM – EcoATM has self-operated kiosks at several locations throughout the United States and it is a blessing for those who are conscious about scams and frauds. Like OCBuyBack, you fill in the details, but instead of mailing your device, take it to a nearby kiosk. After the remote appraisal is complete, you receive instant cash. EcoATM also claims that these transactions take mere minutes and selling a stolen phone is highly improbable since IDs are checked with live photos and the kiosks are loaded with security cameras.

Offline Options

  1. Carrier Trade-ins – When you want to quickly upgrade to a new model, carrier trade-in is probably the swiftest option available to you. However, you shouldn’t expect any cash payouts. While you can complete the formalities online, most traders need you to ship your device for verification. You can also directly visit the store if you want to swap your old phone with a newer model.
  1. Brick and Mortar Electronic Retailers – Don’t expect the payout to be anywhere near direct-buy online marketplaces. However, the process is simple and extremely easy. Your best options include major electronic retailers like Best Buy and Target.


Mark Roemer believes that there are numerous options for selling or trading your old phone. You should also consider recycling your device so that you can decrease your share of pollution for a greener planet. You can learn about the advantages of buying used phones, on this website:

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