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Ideas to Keep Your Macbook in Good Shape


Macbooks are quite a popular choice for people who work from home. Nowadays, many of us have to stay indoors and forget about our regular office because of the pandemic. So it is understandable that having a reliable computer is one of the priorities. You can learn about the best way to take care of your technology gadgets, on this website:

However, despite its reliability, Macs can still underperform sometimes. Performance issues usually stem from a lack of proper care. If you lack experience with Macbooks, this blog post should be a good reference. Use the ideas and make sure that your Macbook is in good shape.

Idea #1 – Clean Dust and Dirt

It might not seem like there is too much dust and other dirt on your Macbook at first glance, but do not get fooled. The biggest issue lies inside the computer. The filth that accumulates there can lead to internal hardware problems. Do not wait until it is too late.

Also, it is worth paying attention to the keyboard and the trackpad. These two will start to malfunction if crumbs or other small particles get inside. And replacing a keyboard or a trackpad for a Macbook will cost you.

It is recommended that you eat or drink away from the computer. Also, get in the habit to clean dust regularly – at least once a week.

Idea #2 – Preserve Battery Life

Pay attention to your Macbook’s battery life. Those who work from home should not have problems finding an available electric socket. However, when you need to use the Mac outside, finding a place to charge the Macbook might not be that simple. And if your battery is not up to par with how it should be, you will run out of power sooner than you want.

Adjust energy saver settings to optimize Macbook’s battery. Disabling visual effects, such as a backlit keyboard, helps as well. Lastly, stop close background applications when you do not need them.

Idea #3 – Free up Hard Drive Space

Lack of hard drive space is also a common issue among Macbook owners. There is not that much storage available in the first place. Overall, it might not be too bad if you only keep your work files on the computer. But even then, some people work with large files, such as video editors.

Getting rid of unnecessary files is one of the first things you need to ingrain in your data management habits. Delete old applications, temporary junk data, email attachments, and downloads.

Transferring some files to Dropbox and iCloud is also an option. You can purchase external storage devices as well. Finally, subscribe to streaming services, so you do not have to keep large media files on the Macbook.

Idea #4 – Install System Updates

Lack of system updates means that you are missing out on new features and overall performance improvements. If you are looking for the most efficiency while working, you need a computer up to date.

Idea #5 – Scan for Malware and Viruses

Operating system updates introduce security improvements as well. But relying entirely on the OS for your computer’s safety is not an option.

Even a simple virus or malware can lead to a lot of issues. Be smart and take preventive measures before it is too late.

Start with getting reliable antivirus. There are a plethora of available options, including free antiviruses. Enable the firewall because it might be disabled. Use a virtual private network when surfing the net, especially if it is on public Wi-Fi. Lastly, get an ad blocker for your internet browser because it will stop pop-ups that redirect to landing pages crawling with viruses and other threats.

Idea #6 – Back up Data

While your information should be safe for the most part, you cannot predict when something might go wrong. Backing up data is simple, especially when you use tools like Time Machine.

Transferring your most important files to cloud services and external storage devices is also a solid option.

Idea #7 – Defragment

Disk defragmentation is not necessarily something you need to do too often, but it is still worth it to defragment your computer every couple of months.

The purpose of defragmentation is to reorganize computer data and boost performance. If you have a lot of junk on the computer, you will benefit from defragmenting the disc.

Macbooks with an OS X version 10.2 or later have built-in cleanup utilities that defragment the hard drive in a simpler manner.

Idea #8 – Seek Advice

New Macbook owners need time to learn. The learning curve should not be a problem for the most part, but if you are struggling, why not seek advice from people who have more experience than you? It can be online or in person. Ask for help when something is unclear regarding your Macbook’s maintenance.  You can learn about the advantages of taking good care of your smart devices, on this website:

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