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The New Kid in The Vape Block


Not all vaporizers are made equally. Some of the best vaporizers, such as Zeus Arc GT Canada, have been growing in popularity in the vaping community. The most interesting fact about Zeus Arc GT is that it is a newcomer in the vape scene, but it has given well-known brands a run for their money by introducing the Iceborn accessory. It is a spectacular accessory that is sold separately that turns this pocket-sized vape into an actual ice bong. Nobody has been able to come up with such an inventive way to smoke concentrate and herb the way that these guys have been. A literal game-changer to say the least. you can buy it from

All You Need to Know to Vape 

The pricing alone puts it among the well-known brands that are leading the market and the attention to detail with the gold lettering makes it very pleasing to the eye. The Arc GT comes in a standard model and the Zeus Arc GT model which is the current talk of the town. The external design is sleek, simple, and luxurious without too many complex details. Good vaporizers should ensure comfortability when holding the device and should be effortlessly operated by one hand. They should also include a small magnetic tool at the bottom that covers the USB anchorage to prevent anything from getting into the small opening.

Powered by a single button that controls Its power mode and temperature adjustment, the Zeus Arc GT vape device takes an average of 45 seconds to heat up but the LED pulsing blue lights indicate when it is ready for use by turning green to give the go-ahead. The silicon top is easy to remove and load your herb and the mouthpiece is a simple opening that enables smoothness when pulling. It’s a hassle-free vaping device that is ideal for anyone who wants to use it without worrying about making a mess.

Ice, Ice, Ice Baby

As aforementioned, Zeus Arc GT invented an Iceborn accessory that is sold separately but can be attached to the device to blow frosty clouds. Yes, you read that right, you can blow frosty clouds with this innovative add-on. It works as a cooling system for the herb vaping device and it is easy to use. It has a shaft of metal that runs through the middle that you can fill with water and leave overnight to freeze. You just attach a tube to it and your Zeus Arc GT and you suck through the Iceborn and viola you have yourself some stylish frosty clouds that everyone will envy.

Zeus Arc GT guarantees that this is a high-quality project and reviews from customers agree with that. This is a serious industry contender, the new kid on the block may have a lot more to offer.

Only time will tell and more interesting inventions like the Ice born will most certainly certify Zeus Arc GT as a consistent game-changer. Visit the website to learn more about a vape seller in detail and how much should you spend.

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