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What Recent Months Have Been Like For The Ukrainians


On February 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine and waged a full-scale attack on the Ukrainian people. Life became traumatic for them both in their homeland and in the neighboring countries where many of them fled.

Business people like real estate investor Stefan Soloviev donated to help the Ukrainians during that difficult time. Others also helped the Ukrainians.

Such funds were desperately needed. Here’s what the Ukrainians experienced because of the Russian invasion.

From Ordinary to Nightmarish in One Day

Prior to February of 2022, people were living ordinary lives in Ukrainian cities such as Mariupol. Then Russian troops invaded and their lives were turned from ordinary to nightmarish. Many people were unprepared for what happened. They had no food stored and little water. The banks quickly closed, and these people were unable to withdraw any money to take with them. Some had little more than enough to buy a tank of gas before they fled.

Running to an Unknown Future

Families terrified for the safety of their children made the difficult decision to flee. Men of fighting age had to stay behind to defend Ukraine, so mothers took their children and often brought elderly relatives with them. They could only bring whatever valuables could fit in a suitcase. Because they packed in haste, many brought items of emotional value rather than necessities.

With no time to prepare, they had to make abrupt, life-changing decisions. Should they take a bus to Poland or to Norway? They had no idea what was ahead. They had no job waiting for them in their new home and no idea of what they would do when they arrived.

Learning To Live in a War Zone

While millions fled Ukraine, millions more chose to stay in war-torn areas. They struggled to find food and water as well as medicine. The Russians blocked humanitarian efforts to get food to the Ukrainians. In one city, the Russian troops shot people standing in line for bread.

Desperate for Help

These people became desperate for assistance, and business people like Stefan Soloviev stepped up to help. Other companies provided assistance as well. In addition to making donations, businesses matched employee donations. Those who had employees living and working in Ukraine continued to pay their salaries. Other businesses devoted profits to charities helping Ukraine.

Times became trying for the Ukrainians who not only lived in Ukraine but had to flee to countries outside of it. Fortunately, many helped.

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